Andrew Henshaw

Team CRUD Nickname:

Date of Birth: 1985

Place of Birth: Virginia

Job: TBD

Marital Status: Single

Children: 0

Pets: 0

Favorite non-running magazine: Science

Favorite movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite television show: Eastbound and Down

Favorite musical performer: Bon Iver

Favorite Keith excuse for a sucky race:

Favorite Erik Solof Quote:

Craziest place you ever took a dump while on a run: Inaugural Blue Canyon 100K, unsure of how far ahead I was from the next runner.

Hobbies: guitar, skiing, anything competitive

Favorite non-running sport: a toss-up between skiing and ultimate frisbee

Favorite famous quote: "If the furnace is hot enough, anything will burn" (Once a Runner)

Short-term running goal: qualify for 100k world team at AR50

Long-term running goal: anyone know the youngest person to win the Grand Slam?

Ultra Pet Peeves: littering, ipods, road sections

Years running ultras: 1.5

Number of ultras finished: 7

Most memorable ultra performance and why: 4th place at Leadville with an injured IT band.

Favorite trail:  Mt. Massive

Favorite Race: White River 50

Needs Nickname

Mr. Henshaw.