Eric Gabe

Team CRUD Nicknames: “The Gambler”  “The Georgia Redneck”  

Date of Birth: 5/29/69

Place of Birth: Pond Scum, Georgia

Job: Self employed and self edgubicated “Handy” man….

Children: yeah…a whole litter of young-uns.

Marital Status: Married 7 years to my half sister, I luv her!!

Favorite Non-Running magazine: NASCAR & Mullet for Success.

Favorite Movie: “Smokey and the Bandit”

Favorite musical performers: The little boy with the banjo in DELIVERANCE.

Favorite Keith excuse for a sucky race: Keith is my idol and I would never bad mouth him…

Craziest place I ever took a dump on a run: On top of my neighbor’s trailer.

Hobbies: Sitting around on the couch in my underwear and scratching myself.

Favorite non-running sport: Watching my kin folk on Jerry Springer.

Favorite quote: “Get over here little brother, I have somewhere you can put that!”

Short term running goal: Run all Summer without washing my drawers.

Long term running goal: Run a sub 24 hour Leadville 100, it always takes me multiple days.

Ultra pet peeves: What in tar nations is a peeve??

Years running ultras: 2 years

Number of ultras finished: I ran out of fingers to count on…

Most memorable ultra finish and why: The San Juan Solstice. Beating Neal O. by 2 HOURS. It's still a source of deep rooted satisfaction..

Favorite food/drink during an ultra: Moon shine.

Favorite trail: Any trail where I can hang my bare ass out…

The Gambler