John Genet

Name: John Genet

CRUD Nickname (Up Dog)

Date of Birth: 2/21/1958

Place of Birth: Wilmington, DE

Job: Software Engineer

Marital Status: Married to Pat

Children: Carli – Age 15

Pets: None

Favorite non-running magazine: Alpinist, National Geographic

Favorite movie: I don’t have a favorite. There are lots I’ve liked.

Favorite television show: Real Time with Bill Maher

Favorite musical performer: Bob Dylan, Bela Fleck, Miles Davis, etc …

Hobbies: Some more spare time for hobbies would be nice.

Favorite non-running sport: Rock and Ice Climbing, Skiing, Yoga

Short-term running goal: Sub 3 Boston and Sub 24 Leadville.

Long-term running goal: Well … it keeps changing.

Ultra Pet Peeves: Trail trash in general and the Rampart Shooting Range in particular.

Years running ultras: 3.

Number of ultras finished: 6

Most memorable ultra performance and why: The last one … it’s easier to remember than the first one.

Favorite food/drink during an ultra: Endurox, Soup.

Favorite trail: Rampart Reservoir.

Favorite Race: LT 100 (Trail) Boston Marathon (Road).

Up Dog