Keith Grimes

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Date of Birth: April 20th, 1959.....Same as Hitler and's true!

Place of Birth: Barberton, Ohio

Job: Test Engineer

Marital Status: Married to CERETA!!!!

Children: 2 - Daughter - Tina, Son - Kyle

Pets: 2 - dogs, Sam and Max

Favorite non-running magazine: National Geographics (as a child), Consumer Reports (as an adult)

Favorite movie: Last of the Mohicans

Favorite television show: Sopranos

Favorite musical performer: Social Distortion

Favorite Keith excuse for a sucky race: Kidney Failure

Favorite Erik Solof Quote: “Gospel, Man, Gospel “

Craziest place you ever took a dump while on a run: Someone’s front yard in Peregrine

Hobbies: Biking, Home Improvements

Favorite non-running sport: Figure skating with Paul Smith

Favorite famous quote: "Toughen-up, Creme-puff."

Short-term running goal: Being able to start running again.

Long-term running goal: Comrades, Grand Slam, Western in under 24. Run the Colorado Trail.

Ultra Pet Peeves: Too many to list.

Years running ultras: 10 years

Number of ultras finished: 4 - 100's; 10 - 50's, 12 - other Ultra distances.

Most memorable ultra performance and why: Mohican Trail 100 in 98. It was my first 100 finish and remains my fastest 100.

Favorite food/drink during an ultra: red baked potatoes rolled in salt.

Favorite trail: Trail around Rampart Res.

Favorite Race: Leadville Trail 100 - because it continues to kick my ass.

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To DNF or not to DNF!