Melissa Eichers

Team CRUD Nickname: M
Date of Birth:01/08/76 
Place of Birth:Appelton Wisc 
Job:EMT-Penrose Health Care System 
Marital Status:Married 14yrs
Children:2 girls 11 and 14 
Pets:1 dog 1 cat 
Favorite non-running magazine: Better Homes and Garden 
Favorite movie: PS I love you 
Favorite television show: Forensics Files 
Favorite musical performer:Kings of Leon 
Favorite Keith excuse for a sucky race:???? .
Favorite Erik Solof Quote: ????
Craziest place you ever took a dump while on a run: have not had the pleasure yet
Favorite non-running sport: Boxing and UFC 
Favorite famous quote:Just Do It! 
Short-term running goal: Stay Consistant 
Long-term running goal: 50 miler 
Ultra Pet Peeves: Smell of dog crap on the trail (I guess it could also be human) 
Years running ultras: zero
Number of ultras finished: have not started one yet 
Most memorable ultra performance and why: none yet!!!!
Favorite trail: Anything single track with hills in the trees that goes up and down for miles
Favorite Race: Barr Trail Mountian Race