Pitt Brownie

Team CRUD Nickname: Brownie, The Punk

Date of Birth: August 6th, 1975

Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, PA

Job: Bartender

Marital Status: Married to Jessica Alba

Children: None that I know of

Pets: Chubbs, the raccoon that lives under my front porch

Favorite non-running magazine: Dirtrag

Favorite movie: Animal House

Favorite television show: Married With Children

Favorite musical performer: Widespread Panic

Favorite Keith comment after another loss: "Never let a poor performance stop you from talking trash about someone else."

Hobbies: Running and drinking and then drinking some more.

Favorite non-running sport: Hashing

Least Favorite non-running sport: NASCAR

Favorite famous quote: "All I want to do is drink beer and train like an animal." -Rod Dixon

Short-term running goal: Win free beer from Scott Jamie at Hardrock

Long-term running goal: Rocky Mountain Slam - Bighorn, Hardrock, Leadville, and The Bear

Ultra Pet Peeves: Horse shit on the trail

Years running ultras: 5

Number of ultra finishes: 6 50K's, 10 50 milers, 1 100K, 4 100 milers.

Most memorable ultra performance and why: Hardrock 

Favorite food/drink during an ultra: Bacon cheeseburgers and PBR

Favorite training trail: Barr trail

Favorite Race: Hardrock

Pitt Brownie

The Punk Kid.