Steve Bremner

Team CRUD Nickname: Trespasser

Date of Birth: April 4, 1955

Place of Birth: Seattle

Job: Bum

Marital Status: Not

Children: Joseph, 29; Marlene, 27; Natalie, 21

Pets: Chewy

Favorite non-running magazine: The New Yorker

Favorite movie: Help!

Favorite television show: Sundance Channel

Favorite musical performer: Howlin' Wolf

Favorite Keith excuse for a sucky race: Haven't heard one

Favorite Erik Solof Quote: Who is Erik Solof?

Craziest place you ever took a dump while on a run: Someone I know took one on the Leadville City Hall lawn.

Hobbies: Canyoneering, Mountaineering, Reading (Science, History mainly)

Favorite non-running sport: Wrestling

Favorite famous quote : "You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays, everybody's crazy."  -- Charles Manson, serial killer and one-time cult leader

Short-term running goal: Run and finish Hardrock 100

Long-term running goal: Run a marathon in every country

Ultra Pet Peeves: Litterbugs

Years running ultras: 9

Number of ultras finished: Maybe 10

Most memorable ultra performance and why: Ran eight 14ers cross country in 23 hours with Mike Tilden in 2001. As far as I know no one has ever done that before or since.

Favorite trail: Waldo Canyon

Favorite Race: Copper Canyon Ultra

The Trespasser

Mr. Bremner.