Sneakers, shoes, there are so many choices. Some look pretty and others are functional, yet they may be cartoonish. Either way, choosing the right pair of sneakers, whether for physical activities, running or otherwise, is very important.

Imagine football players wearing anything but cleats. They would be slipping and falling all the time, which would increase injuries in an already very dangerous sport.

Well, walking isn’t that dangerous but you could have adverse effects by wearing the wrong sneakers. Here is why you should own a good pair even for walking.

Stability and Support

A good sneaker or shoe should be able to support your body weight and the type of your body. Sneakers are about as good as they fit you and the better they fit, the more likely you are to continue using them.

Sneakers should not only be comfortable, but also functional. A very slippery pair of sneakers is likely to get you injured even when walking. Some sneakers are slippery whenever you step on anything other than asphalt, which is very dangerous, considering a typical person enters shops with tiles all the time, not to mention that crosswalk paint can also be very slippery.

Comfort and Ease of Use

A good sneaker should be comfortable. A cheap sneaker may look good but have terrible support and worst of all, be very uncomfortable. Such sneakers are really bad for you, especially if you walk a lot. For anyone who plans on walking longer distances or typically walks a lot, a good running shoe or lifestyle shoe from a reputable brand such as Asics, Nike or Adidas, will go a much longer way than a shoe from a brand that costs twice as less, but is much worse when it comes to comfort.

While one is perhaps paying for the brand name, they are also paying for the years of research that go into making that very shoe as comfortable or practical as it is.

Comfort Means Motivation

A terrible pair of shoes means that you will dread wearing them. Imagine having trail running shoes which are not broken in and which make your feet feel like they were placed in a vise.

After being broken in, the said pair of shoes became great, but prior to that, they were a nightmare and every trail running or hiking activity, the same.

If your shoe or sneaker is outright comfortable, you will want to walk and explore the world, knowing that your feet won’t start hurting from the shoes, but actual tiredness.

Anything from running to walking shoes should be comfortable and should be worn exclusively. Bad shoes are great for going to the store underneath your apartment building.