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CRUD Nickname: Peace Dog

Date of Birth: 7/19/68

Place of Birth: Fort Belvoir, VA

Job: Furniture Maker

Marital Status: Married to Judy

Children: 0

Pets: Jackson (dog), Darwin (dog), Franny (cat).

Favorite non-running magazine: Newsweek

Favorite movie: Cool Hand Luke, Days of Heaven

Favorite television show: Seinfeld

Favorite musical performer: Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle

Favorite Keith excuse for a sucky race: "The trail had too many rocks."

Favorite Erik Solof Quote: "I hear you, man"

Craziest place you ever took a dump while on a run: Drainage ditch in front of a house during the Boulder Backroads marathon.

Hobbies: Woodworking, Rock Climbing, Reading

Favorite non-running sport: Rock climbing, mountain biking

Favorite famous quote: "Tasty waves and a killer buzz, and I'm alright." Jeff Spicoli

Short-term running goal: Stay healthy

Long-term running goal: Win each of the 4 grandslam 100s (half way there!)

Ultra Pet Peeves: Races w/ multiple distances run at the same time.

Years running ultras: 7

Number of ultras finished: ~25

Most memorable ultra performance and why: My first Leadville 100, because I had no idea what I was doing.

Favorite food/drink during an ultra: Flat Coke and bannanas

Favorite trail: Rampart Res

Favorite Race: Leadville 100

Peace Dog

Paul DeWitt

Paul DeWitt