We all like snow, particularly when we’re not in the city. The snow in the mountains means winter sports, doesn’t it? Most people enjoy going to a mountain during winter, to try some interesting new activities and various winter sports, from skiing to snowboarding and more.

What about visiting another state or country, depending where you live? Nebraska is going to welcome any tourist, especially if they’re here to try winter sports. We have plenty of resorts and places you should visit, so here are the best winter sports and resorts that you should visit and try. 

Skiing at Mt. Crescent

Mt. Crescent doesn’t have the steepest routes, but that is okay. You should try and ski on blue pistes anyway. Skiing on anything more dangerous would mean injuries and not having a good time. Mt. Crescent is located near Omaha, about half an hour away by car. It is a decent skiing resort, though don’t expect alpine trails or anything like what you could find in Canada or the Rocky Mountains. 

Ice Skating at the Eugene T. Mahoney State Park

Nebraska has many state parks and this one is known for its many activities, one of which includes ice skating. Ice skating is a popular winter sport that you could do anywhere where there is ice, but it is recommended to do it on an ice rink, for safety purposes. This ice rink is perfect because it is in the open, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to be outdoors but still ice skating. The state park is located in Ashland. There are more ice rinks in Nebraska, of course, but start with this one, because the state park has more to offer.

Cross Country Skiing in Ponca State Park

Nebraska suffers from having no huge mountain ranges, which hinders its ability to have large ski resorts and that is a problem for most thrill-seeking tourists. However, those who like skiing will be thrilled to hear that there are miles and miles of groomed cross country ski routes, over 20 miles of them in Ponca State Park.

That means traveling the country on skis and getting to know winter sports. It also means that beginner skiers would get the opportunity to exercise, without having to worry too much about falling or getting injured. No slopes or downhill here, just plain old leg power and balance.

Winter Tanking in the Famous Sandhills

Nebraska has something to say about tanking. Tanking is usually done during hotter days, but in Nebraska, it is common to do it in winter as well. What is tanking, anyway?

Tanking involves floating down a river in a cattle tank. This is a Nebraska special. You have to try it. In winter, however, you need to dress accordingly. If you don’t wear the right clothes, you might just feel that cold air. This activity can be done in the Sandhills, on the Middle Leap and Dismal rivers. The club which does the renting, the Glidden Canoe Rental, also hosts tank races, believe it or not. It’s an annual event.

These are some of the winter sports that you can try when you’re in Nebraska. While it’s short on skiing and snowboarding, it has plenty of other events that most people are more than willing to try.