We all like to be outdoors, but there is sometimes that one thing that we might be missing that could turn our good experience into a great one. We like gadgets, that’s for use and when we’re outside, gadgets can be distracting. What if we get a gadget that is readable and can be used to help us navigate the terrain and also help us in the long run, should we get stuck somewhere up on a mountain?

Here are the best tech gadgets that we should have with us on a long hike.

Coros Vertix 2

The Vertix 2 is the latest smartwatch from Coros, albeit calling it a smartwatch might be an insult to actual smartwatches which focus on all the things that a person using modern tech gadgets might want.

The Vertix 2 doesn’t care about all your pretty screens and other stuff like 120Hz refresh rates, but it does care about battery life and this watch’s battery can last for 60 days if you use it like a normal watch with some smartwatch features. It can also track you with GPS for up to 140 hours or 35 if it’s playing music. It’s a great watch with topographic maps, an amazing tool for those who want to venture outdoors. 

Garmin Montana 700

Handhelds are also very good and anyone who uses Garmin handhelds will swear by their performance. The Garmin Montana 700 is one of their newer devices which comes with interesting features like regular maps of cities, as well as topographic maps. You also get features such as boundaries so that you know that you’re in a public place versus one that maybe belongs to someone, like the military. You can also use it anywhere since it uses satellite connection and not phone connection.

The Petzl Tikka Headlamps

Headlamps are cool, but this one is better. It uses AAA batteries and it even has the option for you to put rechargeable AAA batteries and use its slot to connect them to a charger. This will work wonders for both your battery life and will make replacing the batteries easy after they have gone out of electrolytes, which does happen in a couple of years. 

The very headlamp giving you the option to charge AAA batteries is a great tool, but you have to own rechargeable batteries. 

Fitbit Charge 5

You don’t need the latest and greatest gadgets when you have the Charge 5, with its 7 day battery life and a relatively solid package. It is able to hold its own with GPS and an electrodermal sensor, which should help measure your heart rate and stress. It’s a great budget tool which could be helpful on a hike.

Portable Solar Powered Charger

Everyone needs one of those if they plan on spending days outdoors. Portable solar powered chargers are great because you don’t need an outlet. You can charge the charger/power bank prior to going on a trip and then have it recharge itself in the sun. Most such chargers/power banks come with a built-in flashlight, which is handy when you need a light in case you end up in the forests during the night, or you are camping somewhere. 

Everyone needs a gadget and these ones are a great solution, some of the best tech gadgets that will also be useful for hiking.